I decided to follow my dream of starting a coffee business.

My vision is to bring the finest sustainable coffee from my home region of Honduras to the USA with a firm commitment to the people and the environment of Honduras. I was born in a small village in Honduras called Santa Elena. My family harvests coffee on a small scale. Coffee is their main source of income.

My goal is to purchase the best quality coffee from neighbors, family and friends. All of the coffee is hand selected and must must meet our standards for quality and sustainability.

I am only buying Catracha Coffee from small farmers. The producers receive every penny of compensation for their product that I can possibly transmit to them. In July of 2012, because of a very flavorful harvest and resulting increase in revenue per pound, I went back to Santa Elena to deliver bonus checks to the producers. See pictures of this event here.
Catracha Coffee is single origin, meaning it is never mixed together with coffee from other sources, so the coffee maintains its unique flavor characteristics. Our 2012 harvest is part of the Marcala region's prestigious "Denominación de Orígen", or Protected Origin Denomination.

Catracha Coffee is shade grown, meaning care is taken to preserve as many trees as possible and to plant new trees where possible for the care of the environment and wildlife.

Our roasted coffee is described by Coffee Review in this way: "Lovely balance; complete. Caramelly chocolate, grapefruity citrus, delicate, meadowy flowers in aroma and cup. Gently bright acidity; plush mouthfeel. Caramel and grapefruit in particular carry into a sweet-toned finish."

- Mayra Orellana Powell, Owner

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead


On July 6, 2013 Catracha coffee sponsored a medical and dental brigade in my hometown, Santa Elena! This brigade brought access to health care for people who otherwise go without the opportunity to see a doctor or a dentist. There were more than 700 people who benefited from medical and dental care. Three of these patients were transported to the closest hospital. Doctors also treated severe people with malnutrition who came from the smallest villages in Santa Elena. We are grateful to all the doctors from Misión Salvación, the municipality of Santa Elena, and to our community of farmers who were instrumental in helping with the logistics of this event. See pictures here.

We're getting rid of the old and cleaning house for the new!!! This year's harvest is on a boat somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, making it's way to your kitchen! Let us know if you're interested in buying some of the remaining coffee from last year.

In November, 2012 Julia Park Tracey published a story in Alameda and Oakland magazines recognizing the great story behind Catracha Coffee.

Read an article in the Oakland Tribune about Catracha Coffee: " There's little doubt that this coffee-plus story represents equal amounts of hard work and heart. It's one in which many benefit from the vision of a woman proud of her heritage, with coffee growers making three times what they would receive by selling their raw coffee to a cooperative."

Our coffee is Strictly High Grown.

Strictly High Grown (SHG) usually refers to coffee grown at altitudes higher than about 4,500 feet above sea level. Beans grown at high altitudes mature more slowly and grow to be harder and denser than beans grown at lower elevations. The inherent consistency and taste attributes of high grown beans makes them more desirable, and generally more expensive, than coffees grown at lower elevations.

I make no compromise with the environment or with the people who work daily to produce our coffee. The hills of Santa Elena can remain a forested, green landscape since fine coffee requires shade. The farmers are proud of their product and ask me frequently to be distinguished from other large producers who offer lower prices. Due to the quality of the 2012 harvest, producers were recently paid bonuses according to their production (see photo). The coffee we sell is selected by hand and comes directly from one of the following producers:

Rosibel Vasquez Chicas
Santos Victor Ventura Vasquez
Ernesto Vásquez
Enriqueta Molina
Wilfredo Sanchez
José Blas Ventura
Gumercindo Emerzon Ventura Vasquez
Maria Luisa Vasquez Chicas
Simeon Ventura Vasquez
Roberto Ventura
Miriam Suyapa Vásquez Chicas
José Blas Ventura
José Napoleon Torres
Lucinda Vásquez
Ernesto Vásquez
Clemente Vásquez
Santiago López
Raimunda Molina Portillo
Mayra Orellana-Powell

We sell medium roast and green, unroasted coffee.

The 2013 harvest is coming! I am roasting beans every week.

For purchasing, please contact me at mayra@catrachacoffee.com

Santa Elena, Honduras

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Nestled in the mountains...






Along the border between Honduras and El Salvador, miles from any paved roads, exists a peaceful village where agriculture is the focus of every resident. Coffee has been produced here for over a hundred years, and is a great companion to the existing banana and oak trees.

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